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Welcome to Sandrog Medical Supplies. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best medical, laboratory, and wellness supplies at discounted price. We carry brand-name items from manufacturers with a stellar history of quality products. If we don't have what you want on our website, we can procure it for you at discounted price. We also sell eNasco Whirl-Pak bags and laboratory sampling products at discounted price to our customers in the scientific industry.

Our mission is not complete without catering to our charitable ventures. Therefore, we also carry non-medical items on this site to support nonprofit organizations and foundations in the United States that provide for the needy and economically disadvantaged population. In addition, we support nonprofit organizations and foundations in West Africa that empower young women. We are passionate about providing help and assistance to the needy and the economically disadvantaged. We invite you to buy our products so that we may continue to support these organizations and foundations.